10 Things I learned About Michael Collins

The third man on Apollo 11 mission after Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin is Michael Collins. He was the Command Module (Columbia) pilot during the Apollo 11 mission. The CM was in the Moon’s orbit while Neil and Buzz landed on the Moon in the Lunar Module (Eagle).


Here are 10 things I learned about Michael Collins

1) Collins is the first person to have performed more than one activities out side the space craft known as EVA.

2) He decided to be an astronaut after being inspired by the flight of John Glenn to space. Glenn’s spacecraft orbited the Earth in 90 minutes.

3) He hated geology lessons during his astronaut training.

4) He was given a surprise third wedding ceremony in the place where he married his wife 10 years earlier.

5) He had a medical problem which required surgery and spent a few months recuperating. This resulted in NASA reshuffling the Apollo 8 and 9 crews.


6) He designed the above and now famous mission patch of Apollo 11.

7) He has no problem of being alone or being lonely like when he was flying solo around the Moon during Apollo 11 mission.

8) But he was so worried that Neil and Buzz may not make it back from the Moon and he became the sole survivor.

9) He loved the Command Module (Columbia) he piloted so much that he wrote this on the spacecraft.

“Spacecraft 107 — alias Apollo 11 — alias Columbia. The best ship to come down the line. God Bless Her. Michael Collins, CMP”

Get to see his handy work here : cm-107_graffiti.html

10) He loves writing as well as painting. Surprisingly his paintings are mostly relating to his Florida Everglades home, or aircraft that he flew and are rarely space-related. Furthermore he did not sign his paintings to avoid them increasing in price.

Source link : Wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Collins_(astronaut)


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