10 Things I learned about Neil Armstrong

At the back of after watching the trailer of First Man, I decided to find out more about the Apollo 11 crew. I started with Neil Armstrong and below are the 10 things I learned about him.


Here are 10 things I learned about about him.

1) Neil’s full name is Neil Alden Armstrong.

2) Neil Armstrong fell in love with flying when his father took him for a ride in an airplane when he was six-years-old.

3) Neil got his pilot’s license when he was just 16, before he could even drive a car.

4) He almost missed being an astronaut as his application arrived late,1 week after the deadline.

5) Armstrong became the first American civilian in space in Gemini 8 mission launched on March 16, 1966.

6) Neil can speak Guarani – an indigenous language of South America.

7) He was almost killed in a training when piloting a moon landing vehicle if he had ejected just half a second later.


8) Neil had to learn geology as part of his astronaut and moon landing training.

9) The reported reason why Armstrong became the first person on the Moon was because of the way the Lunar Module interior design. However in truth, it was a decision decided by NASA management that he will be the first person because they saw him as a person who did not have a large ego.

10) He had been to the North pole on April 6, 1985 because he was curious to see what the North Pole looked like from ground level, as he had only seen it from the Moon.

All of the above came from Wikipedia at this link : Neil_Armstrong

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