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Here’s How 49 Newspapers Reported the First Moon Landing 49 Years Ago

San Francisco Chronicle

Man first landed on the Moon 49 years ago. The whole world watched and some estimate put the audience size at 600 million people which was one-fifth of the world’s population at the time. No matter how one see it, both the landing on the Moon and the broadcast to 600 million people are amazing feats. The world’s newspapers were also going crazy with this event. Almost every head lines reported the landing. Since 2018 […]

Thus Far, Only 12 Men Ever Walked On The Moon

man on the moon

Based on the reference listed at the below this post and up to today, only 24 people, all man had been to the Moon. And out of this 24 people only 12 had walked on the Moon. The table below summaries the 24 astronauts and the respective Apollo Mission No . At the point of writing this post. Of the 12 men who walked on the Moon, only 4 are alive today. As of the […]

A Small Diversion from Actual Event In First Man


It come as a surprise when we learnt that during the Apollo program, the astronauts had no way of knowing that their rocket engine was ready to ignite. We learned this as we were browsing through an article about First Man and we extracted from the article and quoted the statement below.   For example, in one scene, the filmmakers were looking for how the astronauts would know that a rocket engine was ready to […]

Buzz Aldrin – The First Man To Pee on the Moon

Moon Landing

Buzz Aldrin, the Lunar module pilot and also the second man to step on the Moon is also the first person ever to pee on the Moon. This is a little known fact but kind of found it when doing my article “10 Things I learned About Buzz Aldrin” Now this peeing business on the Moon is not the usual or the same way of doing peeing on Earth. So, How did Buzz Aldrin Pee […]

10 Things I learned About Michael Collins


The third man on Apollo 11 mission after Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin is Michael Collins. He was the Command Module (Columbia) pilot during the Apollo 11 mission. The CM was in the Moon’s orbit while Neil and Buzz landed on the Moon in the Lunar Module (Eagle). Here are 10 things I learned about Michael Collins 1) Collins is the first person to have performed more than one activities out side the space craft known […]

10 Things I learned About Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin_pose

Continuing my interest to find out more after watching “First Man” movie trailer, I moved on to  Buzz Aldrin. In the Apollo 11 mission, he was the Lunar Module pilot and also the second man to walk on the Moon. Here are 10 things I learned about about him. 1) His actual name is Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. Buzz is his nickname but it became his official first name in 1988. The nickname arose as […]

10 Things I learned about Neil Armstrong


At the back of after watching the trailer of First Man, I decided to find out more about the Apollo 11 crew. I started with Neil Armstrong and below are the 10 things I learned about him. Here are 10 things I learned about about him. 1) Neil’s full name is Neil Alden Armstrong. 2) Neil Armstrong fell in love with flying when his father took him for a ride in an airplane when he […]

First Man Trailer Inspired This Blog Post

First_Man_(film) poster

BY now most of you had seen the First Man movie trailer. If not you can watch it below. It gives us a sneak peek of the movie which is slated to be released in October 2018. In this trailer we get to see snippets of dramatic scene of  rocket launch, test pilot crashes, landing on the moon by Lunar Module and off course  seeing the main actor Ryan Gosling acting as Neil Armstrong. The […]