Buzz Aldrin – The First Man To Pee on the Moon

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Buzz Aldrin, the Lunar module pilot and also the second man to step on the Moon is also the first person ever to pee on the Moon. This is a little known fact but kind of found it when doing my article “10 Things I learned About Buzz Aldrin

Now this peeing business on the Moon is not the usual or the same way of doing peeing on Earth.

So, How did Buzz Aldrin Pee On The Moon?

Well on further digging up, Apollo astronauts of those years had two ways to pee while in space. According to this answer found in


All Apollo astronauts had two methods of urination available to them, whether in space or on the surface. The could slip on a condom like device, urinate into a bag, and optionally vent the bag to space, or they could go in a diaper.


The condom like device is like what depicted in the image below. I just call it the “Space Pee System”.


So coming back to how Buzz Aldrin did it? Guess he used the above system when he urinated. Did he vent the content (urine) to space while on he Moon. Well this is we don’t know. Maybe he did or may be he did not.

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