Here’s How 49 Newspapers Reported the First Moon Landing 49 Years Ago

Man first landed on the Moon 49 years ago. The whole world watched and some estimate put the audience size at 600 million people which was one-fifth of the world’s population at the time.

No matter how one see it, both the landing on the Moon and the broadcast to 600 million people are amazing feats. The world’s newspapers were also going crazy with this event. Almost every head lines reported the landing.

Since 2018 marks the 49th anniversary of the first landing, this blog compiled how 49 newspapers from around the world reported this historical and momentous event.

All newspapers were dated 21 July 1969 which was a Monday. Some newspapers even renamed Monday to Moonday 🙂


1) The New York Times






3) The Bangkok Post


4) The Hindustan Times



5) Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin State Journal

6) Waterloo Daily Courier (IA)

Waterloo Daily Courier (IA)


7) Wapakoneta Daily NewsWapakoneta Daily News

8) San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

9) St. Petersburg TimesSt. Petersburg Times

10) The Auckland Star(Moonday)

The Auckland Star(Moonday)

11) The Cincinnati Enquirer

The Cincinnati Enquirer

12) The Coventry Evening Telegraph

The Coventry Evening Telegraph

13) The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph

14) Ebening Standatd

Ebening Standatd

15) Express & Star

16) The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

17) The Greymouth Evening StarThe Greymouth Evening Star

18) The Guardian

The Guardian

19) The Irish Press

The Irish Press

20) The San Luis Obispo County Telegram


The San Luis Obispo County Telegram


21) The Saigon Post

The Saigon Post

22) The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)


23) The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer

24) The Patriot (Harrisburg, PA)

The Patriot (Harrisburg, PA)

25) The Kansas City Times

The Kansas City Times

26) The Sun (Sydney)

The Sun (Sydney)

27) The Topeka Daily Capital

The Topeka Daily Capital

28) The Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun

29) The Boston Globe


30) The Calgary Herald


31) The Denver Post



32) The New York Daily News


33) The Washington Postthewashingtonpost



34) Il Messaggero (Rome)

Il Messaggero (Rome)


35) Buffalo Evening News


Buffalo Evening News

36) Bedford Gazette

Bedford Gazette


37) Chicago Sun-Times


Chicago Sun-Times

38) Chicago Tribune


39) Daily Express

Daily Express



40) Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror

41) Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press


42) Morning News





43) Fort Myers News-Press


Fort Myers News-Press

44) Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

45) Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle

46) Liverpool Daily Post

Liverpool Daily Post

47) Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times


48) Miami Herald

Miami Herald


49) Toronto Daily Star

Toronto Daily Star


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