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10 Things I learned About Michael Collins


The third man on Apollo 11 mission after Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin is Michael Collins. He was the Command Module (Columbia) pilot during the Apollo 11 mission. The CM was in the Moon’s orbit while Neil and Buzz landed on the Moon in the Lunar Module (Eagle). Here are 10 things I learned about Michael Collins 1) Collins is the first person to have performed more than one activities out side the space craft known […]

First Man Trailer Inspired This Blog Post

First_Man_(film) poster

BY now most of you had seen the First Man movie trailer. If not you can watch it below. It gives us a sneak peek of the movie which is slated to be released in October 2018. In this trailer we get to see snippets of dramatic scene of¬† rocket launch, test pilot crashes, landing on the moon by Lunar Module and off course¬† seeing the main actor Ryan Gosling acting as Neil Armstrong. The […]